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Are you passionate about cats? Urban Tails currently has the following opportunities:

In-home Cat Sitter

Urban Tails is accepting applications for qualified, part-time, in-home cat sitters in east Vancouver, south Vancouver and Burnaby. Our cat sitters are unabashed cat lovers who enjoy chatting with our clients as much as cuddling the kitties.

Professional experience providing in-home cat sitting visits and a demonstrated ability to administer a variety of medications to cats other than your own is required.

Our cat sitters accept assignments on a case by case basis, depending on their availability. Assignments can vary from 1 day to 3 weeks but are typically 5 - 7 days. Cat sitting visits occur 7 days per week but are scheduled into 3 hour windows to allow for flexible scheduling around other commitments.

Preference is given to applicants who are available for at least 3 visits per day and for both the breakfast (before 9:00 am) and the dinner (after 5:00 pm) time slots.

Cat sitters must be available during the majority of peak times, such as long weekends, summer and Christmas / New Years'.

Compensation ranges from $14 - $16 per 30 minute visit, depending on your qualifications and experience.


  • Demonstrated experience caring for cats other than your own either through work, school or volunteer activity
  • Demonstrated experience administering medications to cats other than your own
  • Work experience providing customer service or interviewing others
  • Be able to provide a recent certificate in Pet First Aid or be willing to attend a course within eight weeks of being selected
  • Be able to provide a clear, recent police background check to Urban Tails
  • Have access to a digital camera, a cell phone and email for communicating with clients
  • Demonstrate close attention to detail when following written instructions.

Selected applicants are required to provide work-related references as well as references from in-home cat sitting or other employment / volunteering with animals.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume and a letter of introduction that outlines 1. your cat-related experience 2. your availability and 3. the territory you are interested in cat sitting in to jen@urbantails.ca. Include any relevant materials such as a Pet Firs Aid certificate or references.

Host homes for in-home cat boarding

Urban Tails is currently accepting applications from individuals and families who would like to host a kitty in their home. This is the ideal way to have a cat in your life if you cannot make a lifelong commitment to a cat of your own!

Available assignments range from two nights to a maximum of three months so you can set your own terms as to the length and type of assignment you are able to take.

To qualify, you must:

  • Have no other cats, dogs or pets in your home
  • Have a history of altruistic cat care, demonstrated through your volunteering, employment or long time cat ownership
  • Complete a screening process that includes an interview of all family members in your host home during a visit to your home
  • Demonstrate that your home is secure for a kitty guest by having either window screens or windows that lock at 1" when open
  • Provide a list of all plants in your home and remove those that are toxic to cats
  • Be able to provide personal and/or work-related references regarding the suitability of your home for hosting a kitty
  • Be able to prove that you are permitted to keep cats in your home, such as a copy of the relevant strata bi-law or tenancy agreement or by permitting us to speak with your landlord
  • Have paid any pet deposits that may be required by your rental agreement
  • Have access to a digital camera and the Internet for the purpose of emailing regular updates to the cat's owner
  • Agree to never let the cat onto balconies, common areas of condo property or outside of the approved host home

Additional Details:

  • Compensation varies depending on the length of the assignment, number of cats and if medications are required. The typical range is from $70 - $110 per week.
  • Food and cat litter are provided or reimbursed, depending on the circumstance.
  • To apply, please complete the online application.

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