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Urban Tails - a passion for cats

Thanks for your interest in the humans behind Urban Tails. I originally opened this little biz in the summer of 2003, with the intention of building a life full of happy moments while cuddling cats. For me, seeing a contented cat wrap herself into a cozy ball, belly up, toes curling and uncurling as she rumbles her purr, warms my heart.

To my delight, I discovered there are tons of cat owners who feel exactly the same way and who are deeply appreciative of compassionate, reliable and personalized kitty sitting services. So, Urban Tails grew of its own accord with happy cats, happy cat parents and a very happy cat sitter (me!). In fact, it grew so much that there was no way to keep up with all the cats in need of a cuddle. Gradually, Kitty Care Assistants joined Urban Tails and we now work together to provide in-home cat sitting services at breakfast, lunch and supper, 365 days of the year, in Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster, BC.

But many kitties require temporary lodging, whether due to the travels of their owners, home renovations or house guests with allergies. These kitties are happiest boarding in a non-medical facility (kind of like humans, actually!). Preferably one with spacious rooms, a tranquil environment, lots of fun stuff to do and cat-adoring humans who don't mind catering to every whim. Somewhere just like...home!

And so the host home service was developed to give these kitties a "bed and breakfast style" boarding experience. These homes are a collection of cat lovers weho have currently have no kitties of their own. Some are our cat sitters and staff who formerly worked at our cat boarding facility. Others are previous customers whose own kitties have passed away and they are not ready for a new, lifelong commitment, but miss the companionship of a cat. And many are cat lovers who choose not to have a kitty of their own at this time for responsible reasons, such as future plans for moving, travel or financial reasons. But we all have one thing in common - We measure our success in head bonks and purrs and share many happy moments in quiet contemplation with the cats of Urban Tails.

Some clients are curious about my background - how does one become a Professional Cat Cuddler? I started this journey by completing a Master of Science degree in Psychology. There I learned about operant conditioning and that much of what we know about human learning was taught to us by cats (and dogs!) used in experiments by early psychologists. Since then I have learned many other things from cats - I am willing to curl up by the fire for long stretches to study their techniques! I most admire their ability to embrace every waking (and snoozing) moment, as though they chose it. They exemplify a quiet mind while perpetually teetering on the edge of exploding into play. They teach without speaking - little Zen masters who purr.

Jen Lord
Chief Cat Cuddler and Principal of Urban Tails

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